Leaders of Quality Interior & Exterior Finishing Solutions

When you start to seriously consider redoing your home or retail space, there are plenty of products that come to mind. Granite, Caesarstone and Wood are but to name a few, but if you want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, or any other space, and want to do it properly the first time, it may be time to do some serious research.

Salvocorp was established using the vast experience and technical expertise of its founders and since its inception, it has grown into the leading supplier of cutting edge products in interior and exterior finishing solutions in the country.

Quartz countertops from Perago and Samsung Radianz are engineered stone that are incredibly beautiful, hygienic and resistant to heat and scratching. Our solid surface technology from Samsung Staron is cutting edge and is used by such companies as Famous Brands, Taste Holdings, KFC, Mcdonald’s and ACSA to name a few.

This means that we constantly strive to manufacture products that are of the highest standard when it comes to redoing your kitchen, bathroom, basins, office space or restaurant.


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