The Malilangwe Trust

Development through conservation

Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, previously known as Lone Star Ranch, was founded by Ray Sparrow in 1949. It was initially established as a cattle ranch, but a harsh climate and successive droughts soon made it clear that the land would be best suited for wildlife. The transition to wildlife based land-use commenced in 1985, and over time, cattle were removed and wildlife populations began to recover. The Malilangwe Trust purchased the ranch in 1994
and as part of its mandate began the process of restoring the area to its former glory. In order to refresh the Malilangwe Trust as a forward-thinking wildlife reserve and conservation destination, Adlab worked to bring a more contemporary look to its website. This allowed it to position itself as more than just a reserve – the Malilangwe Trust can now proudly be seen as a place that prioritizes building a relationship with its wildlife, community and guests.